Providing Solutions and Progress in a Changing World
  Tanzania Petroleum Services Ltd was founded in 1996. A Tanzanian Company under French ownership CLASS 1 registered and is specialized in electro/mechanical services related to Hydraulics and Petroleum Equipment.

With it’s HQ in Dar es Salaam, TPS became a trusted name for a large number of companies all over Tanzania and abroad. We are engaged in every aspect of the Hydraulics and Petrol chemical industry, including production, transportation, distribution, and storage. We are also investing in environmental and advanced technologies.
  To provide reliable technologies that improve the balance between costs and durability, our clients have understood the benefit of quality solutions and the strong relationship that we build to serve business standard and strategic development. And this is what leads us to meet the needs of a changing world.
Code of Professional Practise
  Our first duty is to dedicate the people who commission works for us; and to those who make use of the products and services we supply. In considering our professional conduct, we should always be aware of the effects of our attitudes and actions on our employees, clients, colleagues, suppliers, users and fellow professional service providers.

Not only should our conduct be exemplary but we should invest in our skills so that we are able to offer a high degree of competence exercised in a responsible manner. We should aspire to the highest standards in honesty, legality, quality, teamwork, cultural sensitivity, diversity and inclusion, social responsibility and professional growth. We should respect other people’s privacy, confidentiality and intellectual property; being fair in all our dealings. We should contribute to the development of our profession and of the society where we operate.
Health and Safety Policy
The main concern within Petroleum industry is the health and safety of its stakeholders. We are well acquainted with safety requirements of Petroleum sector; therefore are continuously taking steps to make safety our number one concern as well as providing avenues to improve our safety performance progressively. Our employees and customers are expecting to be safe on site while working and getting the services; we have recognized the need to keep taking steps to develop a comprehensive procedures designed to make the TPS not just a place with a safety policy, but a “Safe Working Place.
  The staff is made up with one strong team of around thirty in management and project officers who deal with the day to day operations. All our technicians are “weight & measures” certified.
TPS is organized with the below mentioned department:
- Project and Realization
- Maintenance
- Metrology
- Automation & IT
- Sales